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Elite proxies & Spoofed servers.
No logs are kept.
No email is needed.
All data is encrypted, everything is
coded with privacy and security in mind.


Powerful high bandwidth servers make your attack as stable and hard-hitting as possible. NodeJS backend ensures that all stress tests are started and stopped instantly. You never have to wait another millisecond or worry about downtime with us.


With our self-coded solution and usage of high-quality proxies, we are currently providing the best bypasses and power stability on the market. While fully emulating a real user, there are also numerous parameters for tuning your attack, and our professional support will help you with that.


Custom origin, useragent, request type and r/s per IP are only a tiny part of the options. From automating/scheduling attacks and controlling the number of concurrents for each to a custom header for masking your attack on the website's backend - we've got you covered.


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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

An IP Stresser is a specialized tool that you can use to test your's or your company's website or server for vulnerabilities in its DDoS Protection, bot flood, or simulate high traffic.

We do only accept cryptocurrencies, and no such option as PayPal provided. However, you can exchange your PayPal balance to crypto with a variety of options available on the web.

Cryptocurrencies we currently support: Bitcoin(BTC) | Ethereum(ETH) | Litecoin(LTC) | Monero(XMR) | USDTether(USDT)

We take your privacy seriously and don't keep any logs. Stress them all as you want.

Sadly, we do not allow attacking government, bank, or educational websites. If you are the owner of one of those, contact us to prove your ownership and permission to stress test it or check for blacklist and add if necessary.


We pride on being one of the most privacy-respectful stress testing services out there, as well as one of the most secure.

We don't keep IP logs, we don't ask for email, and we don't invade your privacy with tracking systems.

Passwords are hashed&salted using blowfish, and everything has been coded with privacy and security in mind.

Besides, we have never been breached or suffered from any kind of leak.


Our payment system is fully automatic. Every user gets the desired package at the first confirmation on the blockchain, usually within 15-30 minutes from the moment of purchase.

For privacy and security, we only accept cryptocurrency (no, we don't accept PayPal!). Apart from bitcoin, you can pay with a variety of other currencies, including XMR (thought to be the most untraceable currency).

If you don't have cryptocurrency, you can buy it from

We focus on providing methods that are capable of bypass the most popular DDoS protections and any JS challenges.

Some of the protections supported are: Cloudflare (free-enterprise), Cloudflare Captcha (hcaptcha & recaptcha), DDoS-Guard (JS challenge), Sucuri, Stormwall, Amazon CDN Cloudfront, Imperva Incapsula, Akamai, Fastly, Blazingfast, Nooder,, Qrator, Arvan Cloud and ANY other automatic browser verification protection. In addition we also bypass geo-block based protections for most countries, ratelimit based protections, cookie based protections and referer based protections. For Layer 4 we bypass most popular server hostings (Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Amazon AWS (most of), Google Cloud (most of), Linode, Maxihost, OVH (some)) and many others.

Giving specific numbers is very hard as they depend on many factors, such as where it was tested and the network status at that moment, among others.

We also don't want to do false advertising and giving exaggerated or misleading numbers (as many do).

That said, we guarantee a minimum of 400k+ pps per concurrent for Layer 4 (the Gbps will depend on the method) and minimum 350rqps of valid, full HTTP requests(usually much more at around 1750-5500 rqps) which produce high load on webserver with low request count, unlike "Socket HTTP Flood" method advertised by majority of other stressers. Socket Flood is a method that is very easy to filter (and it uses many rqps for each IP!) and its requests are extremely lightweight and don't produce decent load on a server making it great for showing 50000 rqps on dstat but weak/ineffective against actual targets. We, on the other hand, use as low as 2-3 rqps per each IP by default, and can go as low as 0.1 rqps/IP to bypass extreme ratelimits and still overload the webserver.

Power for each concurrent is dedicated (for example, 5 concurrents deliver 5 times more pps/rqps than 1).


Every user gets the desired package at the first confirmation on the blockchain, usually within 30 minutes.

Yes! Free stresser package is given to you automatically once you register.

You can always ask our support for a test-hit.

We care about our customers and allocate as much power as possible to them.

It represents approximate percentage of websites which protection can be bypassed with features and methods included with the particular plan.

Yes. Please contact us!